coinowka – coolinarism
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Coinowka is the name for a newly coined term, word, or phrase

It may be in the process of entering common use but that has not yet been accepted into mainstream language. A neologism may also be a new usage of an existing word sometimes called a semantic extension. This is distinct from a person’s idiolect, their unique patterns of vocabulary, grammar, and pronunciation. In theology, a neologism is a relatively new doctrine like Transcendentalism. In this sense, a neologist is one who proposes either a new doctrine or a new interpretation of source material such as religious texts,

Vocabularies can change very quickly both in word stock and in word meanings and every living language can readily be adapted to meet changes occurring in the life and culture of its speakers. Dictionaries list some words and some meanings as obsolete or obsolescent to indicate this process. One example is the changes brought by modern technology in the vocabularies of all European languages since 1945. Before that date transistor, cosmonaut, and Internet did not exist, and nuclear disarmament would scarcely have had any clear meaning,

No two speakers share precisely the same vocabulary of words readily used and readily understood

  • coolinarism – freshly coined word, the name of our site
  • isf – international stage framework
  • nun-click – good, right, better, moral, shipshape, congenial
  • uglista – an ugly member of philological community
  • old vinyl – junky star, synthetic, worse, bad, mediocre
  • wetpistawet tracking
  • pisto-juice – individualized taste
  • workonomy – it works when it works
  • disclick – designed to hide clicks & to stop cyber-fraud
  • pubchia – public lass
  • pichysyn – sync pitch
  • pubisyn – public sync
  • aoc & aco
  • t-pennedwritting in t
  • appsat – applink
  • lpf – last public frame
  • lifier
  • palcopistism – hand made pista
  • idiotctrination – self-explanatory
  • pistaroll – pista on the roll
  • ticklickclo – cloking tick with a lick
  • catapastism – cut&paste
  • non-titteria –  don’t show titts 
  • ain’t say – without uttering an audible word
  • ain’t think – mental privacy & cognitive liberty
  • restapeal –  rest without fear
  • snoringer – deep snore
reference: Encyclopædia Britannica&various   

image: project coin 2013

t-penned by anf
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